Before you start trailing contact lenses you will need to have a valid up-to- date eye test.

Contact Lens Fitting Appointment

The optometrist will discuss your lifestyle and visual needs to make sure that you’re eligible for contact lenses. They will check your vision and assess the health of your eyes more specifically looking at the quality of your tears. This will allow the optometrist to choose the suitable material for your contact lenses.

Once they have discussed and selected the appropriate contact lenses for you they will fit the lenses on your eyes. They will check your vision with the lenses to ensure that the lenses are fitting correctly.

Contact Lens Teach Appointment

The optometrist will teach you how to safely insert and remove contact lenses. This is the perfect opportunity to build up your confidence in handling contact lenses. It’s perfectly normal to have several appointments as you get used to handling contact lenses. Once you’re confident in handling contact lenses you can take away trial contact lenses to test them out in your own environment.

Contact Lens After-Care Appointment

Once you have tried your contact lenses you will need to give your feedback about your trial experience to the optometrist. This also applies to anyone that is currently wearing contact lenses and has an expired prescription. You will be required to attend a contact lenses after care appointment wearing the contact lenses. Bring with you any packaging, solutions and contact lens cases you are using (you will have to have worn your contact lenses for at least two hours prior to your appointment.) The optometrist will address any issues you may have with the contact lenses and try to rectify them. It is an opportunity for them to check your vision and assess the fit of the contact lenses. Once you and the optometrist are happy with the contact lenses they will issue you a contact lens prescription and recommend when you should have another contact lens check-up.

Buying Contact Lenses

Your optometrist will liaise with your ambassador to order your contact lens supply and inform you when your order is scheduled to arrive in store.


Can I wear any contact lenses? Vision is just one aspect of contact lenses. Ensuring that your eyes remain healthy whilst wearing contact lenses is important.