Hearing Glasses

Our in-house Artistic Director Frédéric Beausoleil designs each Acuitis frame, choosing the most beautiful materials to create unique collections at very reasonable prices. Like all of us, Frédéric has loved ones who wear both hearing aids and glasses. His desire to find a solution for them that was both comfortable and discreet led him to develop a special “sleeve” for fitting hearing aids to a pair of glasses.

All of our eyewear can now be adapted for use with your hearing aids by creating a bespoke sleeve that is fitted to the end of the arm. This sleeve fits all our hearing aids to deliver a solution that is attractive, discreet and more comfortable. Clipping your hearing aids into the sleeves and removing them couldn’t be simpler, meaning that you can choose to use your hearing aids and glasses either together or separately.


Together with a group of experts, Acuitis has created the Biophone, its proprietary ultra-high-definition acoustic testing booth. This booth is used to test hearing aids in situ by recreating the different acoustic environments that you are likely to encounter. Thanks to this facility, it is possible to objectively measure improvements brought about by hearing aids in quiet and/or noisy environments.

The Biophone is fitted with state-of-the-art measurement and adjustment tools:

  • Otoscopy video: a camera that allows you to view your eardrum and ear canal in real-life conditions.
  • Audiometry: a tonal and vocal testing tool, with or without headphones.
  • In-vivo measurement: a measuring tool used to fine- tune and optimise settings in situ, directly in your ear canal.
  • Spatial location system: a tool that helps to optimise settings in all situations.
  • Real-life simulations: a choice of simulations that immerse customers in everyday acoustic environments, such as restaurants, shops and family celebrations.
Hearing Glasses Hearing Glasses Hearing Glasses