Acuitis Prices

Acuitis hearing aids are fitted with state-of-the-art microchips, combined with cutting-edge technological features and innovations. Each of our solutions is based on Widex technology that aims to transport you to a new world of sound and deliver a more natural, true-to-life aural experience.

Acuitis’ 100% digital hearing aids automatically detect your acoustic environment, making them simple to use. They guarantee that you hear the right sound, at the right time and in the right place, even in the most challenging conditions.

Our accurate, high-performance solutions deliver pure, clear acoustics in every situation, allowing you to rediscover the sounds you love.


Acuitis Opera and Symphonie Explained

Opera products designed for enhanced communication in the most challenging and dynamic environments. Maintains rich and natural sound quality, even in the most difficult sound environments such as large busy restaurants, open workplaces, live concerts and football matches. Most advanced technology that automatically analyses and detects the environment to optimise the hearing aid settings for enhanced speech and listener comfort. 

Symphonie products are for active lifestyles with frequent communication needs in noisy environments. They prioritise the improvement of speech whilst maintaining comfort in noisy and challenging environments. Maintains rich, smooth sound in noisy environments such as family gatherings, small restaurants, at the bowls club and when attending lectures. Enhances hearing on the phone with the voice present in both ears, no matter which ear you hold the phone to. 


Acuitis Concerto and Prelude Explained

Concerto technologies are designed for people who socialise only a few times a week. Technology improves the ease of hearing speech in small groups and mildly noisy environments such as book clubs, at church and when visiting friends at their house. Prioritises loudness comfort, not speech understanding, in noisy and challenging listening environments.


Prelude technologies are designed for people with quieter lifestyles who want access to a device that can be paired with the television or their mobile phone. True to life sound that is clear and not distorted. Improves speech clarity in one on one conversations and small quiet groups. Ideal for clients who have family and friends who visit them. Prioritises loudness comfort and focuses on the speaker in front.


What’s included in the price?

We pride ourselves on our customer service and the expertise we can offer you. With a wide range of hearing aid styles and technologies let us help you take control of  your hearing. Your journey to better hearing starts with: 

  • Free Hearing Assessment
  • Four Year Warranty 
  • Free Aftercare 
  • Free Servicing & Repairs 
  • Unlimited adjustment of settings



Name Model Mono Binuara I 12 Payments (bin.) Interest Free

Beyond 440 Z

Beyond 440

Unique 440

£ 2,095

£ 1,995

£ 1,845

£ 3,495

£ 3,295

£ 2,995

£ 291

£ 275

£ 250


Beyond 330 Z

Beyond 330

Unique 330

£ 1,795

£ 1,695

£ 1,645

£ 2,895

£ 2,695

£ 2,595

£ 241

£ 225

£ 216


Beyond 220 Z

Beyond 220

Dream 440

Unique 220

£ 1,345

£ 1,245

£ 1,145

£ 1,095

£ 2,295

£ 2,095

£ 1,895

£ 1,745

£ 191

£ 175

£ 158

£ 145


Beyond 110 Z

Beyond 110

Unique 220

£ 995

£ 895

£ 745

£ 1,695

£ 1,495

£ 1,395

£ 141

£ 125

£ 116


Dream 330

Dream 220

£ 545

£ 395

£ 1,095

£ 790

£ 91

£ 66