You have made the important decision to take care of your hearing. At Acuitis, our hearing aid specialists will carry out a free comprehensive hearing assessment and share the results with you immediately, explaining what the results say about your hearing. The thorough hearing assessment will then involve the following steps to give you the absolute best information about your hearing health.

  • Assessment of your hearing difficulties and otoscopy video

Your hearing aid specialist is there to get to know you and understand the problems you have been experiencing, as well as your wishes, activities and habits. This initial consultation is therefore an opportunity to discuss which solution would best suit your needs and lifestyle. Your Acuitis hearing aid specialist will also show you your eardrum and ear canal on a screen. We can use this unique insight to obtain a more accurate sound when fitting your new hearing  aids.

  • Audiometric test

We will then carry out a comprehensive audiometric test in our Biophone booth. During this painless examination, you will be asked to listen and react to pure tones in order to gauge your thresholds of hearing when wearing headphones and your ability to understand speech in an otherwise silent environment.

  • Choosing a hearing solution

Your hearing aid specialist will use the results of your audiometric test to suggest hearing solutions that suit your needs and cosmetic wishes. At Acuitis, we believe that cosmetic considerations and comfort are key to your well-being.

  • Delivery of your hearing aids

Acuitis is unique in giving you the option of going home with your new hearing aids straight from the first consultation, where possible, meaning that you don’t have to wait to start rediscovering the sounds you love. If necessary, your hearing aid specialist will take an impression of your ear using a silicon-based paste, which will be used to create your bespoke hearing solution.