Caring for your hearing

Acuitis was founded to make cutting-edge digital hearing solutions accessible to all. We are committed to providing the best, most advanced hearing equipment at very reasonable prices, because we understand that good hearing is essential to maintaining relationships, remaining active and getting the most out of your environment. Our solutions offer the very best quality and have been developed in partnership with a long-standing manufacturer of top-of-the-range hearing equipment.

Thanks to this partnership, we can provide the best technology available on the market under the Acuitis brand and make outstanding hearing care accessible to all. Like Acuitis, Widex is a family business. Founded in 1956 by the innovative engineer Christian Tøpholm and the entrepreneur Erik Westermann, it is renowned for its outstanding technical and audiological quality. Widex’s holistic approach makes it possible to restore a natural, true-to-life aural experience, while continuing to offer innovative new technologies.

At Acuitis, we also take an active approach towards raising awareness of the importance of preventive hearing care. Hearing loss can speed up cognitive decline and social isolation, but these problems can be prevented by having your hearing checked and taking care of it from an early stage.

Hearing Aid Specialists at your service 

At Acuitis, every day our registered hearing aid audiologists educate and reassure our customers on their hearing and deliver bespoke solutions to improve their quality of life. Our hearing aid specialists are available every day to discuss your concerns, provide advice tailored to your individual needs and provide solutions that will enable you to rediscover the sounds you love.

Our aim is to deliver a suitable, targeted solution for each of your needs. This is why, in addition to their qualifications in hearing-related issues, our hearing aid specialists are also experts in:

  • in-vivo measurement;

  • creating bespoke hearing glasses;

  • tinnitus solutions;

  • finding the perfect hearing aid settings for music lovers;

  • wireless solutions

To achieve this, Acuitis has demonstrated that it fulfils the following criteria:

  • providing customers with information and advice;

  • supporting you with any necessary medical referrals

  • carrying out high-quality audiometric tests;

  • having a high standard of facilities and equipment;

  • monitoring effectiveness and offering aftercare;

  • providing an after-sales service and accessories.

Hearing Hearing Hearing