Also called artificial silk, cellulose acetate is a natural, living material, composed from 80% cotton flower. To create different shades of colour, acetate sheets are coloured and joined together.


The iconic Bamboo collection is a perfect match between a cotton flower front and arms made from real bamboo. The arms of these hard-wearing, flexible and sophisticated frames are made from the main stem of the bamboo plant, known as the culm or cane and feature the unique joints or nodes that separate the plant’s different segments. Hypoallergenic and rigid, all our creations are extremely lightweight and require no maintenance.


The Lace Collection is made with real Caudry lace which was used on the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress with subtle motifs of lily of the valley and clovers. Both beautiful and lightweight, the strips of lace are hand cut and delicately placed and positioned between two cotton flower leaves.


Water buffalo horn offers a wonderful palette of intense, natural and truly unique colours. This beautiful organic material is carefully polished to bring out it’s natural shine.


This collection combines a mesh of 2mm carbon fibres with wood veneer, cleverly fusing two disparate materials to create lightweight and hard wearing frames.


 A high performance collection made using the world’s lightest, most hard wearing stainless alloy.


This natural, hypoallergenic material is made from cotton flower enriched with wood pulp.


Selective Laser sintering: the new manufacturing technique. 

A multi-stage “selective laser sintering” process takes fine white polyimide powder (or “nylon”, as it’s commonly known) and transforms into an extremely hard – wearing, easy to adjust frame, allowing for a high level of detail.


100% Biodegradable frame!. 

This collection of cellulose diacetate frames is unique in that it is made entirely from fully biodegradable materials – including tree leaves. An eco-friendly collection available exclusively at Acuitis

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