Acuitis Family History 

Daniel and his son Jonathan Abittan opened the very first Maison Acuitis in Geneva in February 2010. To help him with this new venture, Daniel called on his lifelong friends, his inner circle of contacts in the world of eye and hearing care that he had built up over more than 30 years.

They shared a single goal: to restore the image of eye and hearing care and revive lost values by creating a brand that embodied a love of beautiful products, fine craftsmanship and workmanship, excellence and creativity and whose customers enjoy the best care at very reasonable prices.

Having recently become a grandfather, Daniel also wanted to create spaces where all generations would feel welcome and that would bring young and old together.

For Acuitis, he joined forces with Frédéric Beausoleil, a French eyewear designer who creates all the brand’s eyewear, sunglasses and hearing glasses collections. Acuitis soon won the hearts of the eye and hearing care industry who wasted little time in joining the adventure, and quickly established itself as a new pioneer on the smart, low-cost market, combining design and healthcare, technology and ethics, fashion and sensible prices.

Mindful of the changes that are shaping today’s world, the Acuitis team has adopted an unconventional take on fashion and pays close attention to the latest innovations and aspirations, while remaining committed to maintaining a very reasonable pricing approach to eye and hearing care.

Acuitis was founded with the aim of making eye care accessible to all: 1 frame + 2 standard single vision lenses = from £40. By cutting out the middlemen, making our own frames and working closely with BBGR, NIKON and ESSILOR, the world’s leading manufacturer of prescription lenses, we can make designer eyewear accessible to all.

All our prices include single vision lenses, with the option to add aesthetic or functional extras:

  • Anti-reflective lens treatment: for greater transparency
  • Varifocal lenses: enjoy excellent near and distance vision
  • Thin lenses: perfect for high prescriptions
  • Adaptive lenses: darken automatically in sunlight
  • Polarised lenses: maintain contrast and clarity
  • Tinted lenses + UV filter: help protect eyes from the sun’s harmful rays

Our heritage

Our Heritage. Our Heritage.