Your Acuitis Optical Experience


  • You will be welcomed in by one of our ambassadors who will briefly discuss with you your lifestyle and address any visual symptoms you may have. This is will be used by the optometrist who will make sure that your eye test is tailored to your individual needs.


  • The ambassador will carry out your pre-test prior to seeing the optometrist.
  • They will use a variety of diagnostic equipment provide the optometrist with information about your eyes.
  • The diagnostic equipment commonly used are:

Wave Analyzer

We will use our wave analyzer which takes 7 measurements in a space of 90 seconds. It is unique to Acuitis and is not a common feature in many high street opticians.  

Wave Analyzer

  • It provides your prescription in good and poor light conditions
  • It gives the elevation map of the front surface of the eye useful for anyone looking into wearing contact lenses or thinking about laser surgery
  • We may carry out an eye pressure check by blowing a gentle puff of air into your eye which is one of the diagnostic tests for glaucoma.
  • More importantly it reduces unnecessary referrals to the hospital as it gives in-depth measurements related to eye conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma.  (link names to pages) 


The ambassador will measure the current spectacles that you wear so that the optometrist can let you know if they have been any changes to your prescription.

Digital Retinal Photography

The ambassador will take a digital retinal photograph to create a permanent record of your eye health allowing us to monitor changes which may take place over time

Visual Fields

You may be asked to do a visual field test which will check how well you see in the periphery. This is important to do if you have headaches or as a screening for glaucoma.


The eye test will last up to half an hour (30 minutes). The results of the pre-test will be used by the optometrist to check the health of your eyes and recommend the best options for your eyesight based on your individual needs. The optometrist will check your vision by asking you to read various letters and symbols. They will use a variety of equipment:

Eye Test Instruments

At the end of your eye test, the optometrist will go through all the results and provide you with recommendations suited to your individual needs. This includes details of any glasses, contact lenses and eye care specific to you. The optometrists will inform you of when you should have another eye test.


The optometrist will hand you over to your ambassador explaining any recommendation in glasses/contact lenses and eye care. Your ambassador will:

  • Assist you with frame styling according to your taste and prescription.
  • Recommend appropriate lens types according to your prescription and lifestyle.
  • Take careful measurements using our state of the art machine - AcuiVisu to ensure visual clarity.
  • Go through prices of frames and lenses
  • Inform you of the completion date of your glasses
  • Print out a copy of your prescription


Before you come to collect your glasses, our ambassadors will quality check the power of your lenses to make sure they meet optical standards and that the frames are in good condition.

At your collection appointment:

  • You will try on your glasses to ensure they are fitting well and are comfortable.
  • Appropriate adjustments to your frames will be made if needed
  • You will check your vision with your new glasses.
It is common to allow some time for you to adapt to new prescriptions.